I have been involved in b2b sales and marketing for over 25 years and I have become really good at ferreting out the right person to talk to within a business.  I have also spent my career setting up distributors and building relationships with the clients I do business with.  I am passionate about the small to medium sized business and love learning about the sectors and products of all the different businesses I am working for.

Since I started offering my business development and marketing in January 2018, I have worked on projects in a wide range of sectors selling everything from exotic potatoes and pop up kitchens through to environmental assessments and sound systems!


So, why call a business Pushbike b2b?  Pushbike is all about momentum – getting from A to B and pushing yourself up that hill to be in a position to freewheel a bit down the other side – and that’s hard work!  I know from experience that success at anything does not come overnight and momentum builds up slowly as long as you are continuously pushing forward. There are no shortcuts in business and effort is required to push on up the hill. Sometimes you have to get off and walk, all the while dropping in as many touch points to your products or services as you can. Build your sales, get to the top of that hill, freewheel a bit till the next one and so on and so on.

I am not a consultant – I roll up my sleeves and work alongside you as a flexible member of your team for as long as I am needed.  You can engage my services for a regular number of hours per month,  for a particular campaign or for certain key periods over the year.

So,  if you can’t see the wood for the trees, have loads of potential business but no time to search for and follow up new customers or if you want to free up your time but can’t stretch to the expense of a full-time employee – please get in touch and let’s talk about the creating momentum to get your business up, over the hill and freewheeling into the future!

Here’s about how I work