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My name is Joanne Parker and I am Pushbike b2b.

I have been involved in b2b business development and marketing for over 25 years. So I’m really good at ferreting out the right person to talk to within a business.  I have also spent my career setting up distributors and building relationships with the clients I do business with.  

Since I started offering my business development and marketing in January 2018, I have worked on many fun projects in a wide range of sectors ..

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Planting the seeds for future growth..




Nurturing and attracting new business to your company.





Gathering information – so that you can thank the team for doing a great job or work on those areas which need a little attention!


All that involves moving into new markets and uncharted territory.


Brainstorming sessions and sales and marketing planning.


Contact me for further details or for a more tailored quote on a specific project.


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