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My name is Joanne Parker and I am Pushbike b2b.

I have been involved in b2b sales and marketing for over 25 years and I have become really good at ferreting out the right person to talk to within a business.  I have also spent my career setting up distributors and building relationships with the clients I do business with.  I am passionate about the small to medium sized business and love learning about the sectors and products of all the different businesses I am working for.

Since I started offering my business development and marketing in January 2018, I have worked on many fun projects in a wide range of sectors …

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Planting the seeds for future growth..




Nurturing and attracting new business to your company.





Making sure that you keep hold of your hard won customer.


All that involves moving into new markets and uncharted territory.


Brainstorming sessions and sales and marketing planning.


Contact me for further details or for a more tailored quote on a specific project.


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