How I Work

An introductory exploratory session
The initial 30 minute conversation with me is free. I can then send you a rough idea of cost. If you decide to engage my services after this we will then go on to an introductory session to gain a good understanding of your business and the goals you want to achieve and what you would like me to do. This will last about an hour.
All work is professionally set up
Before I start any work, I like to put everything in place before beginning. Things such as an email with correct footer, the phone and email script, and all the relevant sales and marketing material. As I am part of your team, all communications from me will be come from your company with your company branding. Customers get confused and it's difficult to build trust in a brand when a call is coming from a mobile or location where the business is not based and the follow up emails don't correspond with the brand.
Agree on a set number of hours
I have a minimum booking of 5 hours per week - it is very difficult to get results based on anything less than this. You can also book hours to be spread over a month. All business development call work is spread out over optimum times of the day to ensure the most effective results.
Feedback reports
The frequency of the feedback reports I send out depends upon the length of the project and the quantity of information coming through along the way. This can be after the first 5 hours, weekly or monthly. Each report will detail the work undertaken, the results and suggestions and ideas on next actions either on my part or for the company/ other team members.
You know where every penny is being spent.
At the end of each month, I will send out an invoice summarising all the activity I have undertaken. You have hired me to be a part of your business and as such, I want to be completely transparent so that you know where every penny you spend is going and what you are getting for your money. I aim to provide the experience of an enthusiastic full-time employee without the price tag.
So, how much does it cost?
I charge an initial set up fee of £250.00. This covers the initial processes as detailed above and provides a solid foundation for us to work with. After that I charge a sliding scale of rates starting at £250.00 for a 5 hour block to £640.00 for a block of 20 hours taken over a 4-6 week period. I can also provide a more tailored quote for specific projects.

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