Today, I feel like a wafty willow in the wind but I am showing up.   I went into the hospital last week for, what I call, ‘an upgrade’.  I can’t tell you how impressed I was with the NHS – whole teams of people being kind and relaying you through the system from admission to discharge holding your hand and wiping away your tears and fears. 

I was also impressed and deeply grateful to know that I have such friends and colleagues around me.  My neighbours welcomed me back from hospital, let me stay the night, fed me and put up with my wittering on in front of the football. My friends came and stayed and did various shifts up until yesterday when my nurse friend arrived. As she had all the ‘nursey kit’, I bravely decided to peel off my big plasters fearing all my insides would fall out.   It went a bit like …. “Ooooh ooooh ooooh ….Oh – Is that it?  I had had keyhole surgery and all there was under the big plasters were teeny tiny holes! 

Well, this got me to thinking – it’s a bit like business! Sometimes it’s a bit scary but you just have to put your big pants on and just do it.  You have to rip that plaster off!

So, this week, I am going to faff about with some work and in my post operative drug haze I have come up with a few ideas to give my business an upgrade too! I want to spend more time on the phone and less time doing admin. 

#makingphoningfunagain #pimpingupyourpipeline